Barack Obama is President-Elect

Well I haven't updated in a while but today history in the United States has been made and I want to write while it's still fresh in my head.

I remember my dad told me he was standing at a pencil sharpener when he heard the JFK had been shot. I remember not really caring but, also kind of wishing I could live through some kind of history. Something that would be in text books.

I do remember 9/11. I was in 7th grade in Mrs.Kraft's Civics class 3rd block. We were just starting the preamble.

But this experience has been totally different. I'm a journalism student but not very into politics. I hate to say it but it comes from a lack of understanding on my part. I've just never really understood them nor been extremely passionate. I think of myself as an Independent beause their are somethings on both sides that I agree with and half the time I don't know what I agree with because their are always exceptions to every statement.

I voted absentee for this election and I had classes all day do no free coffee, sandwiches or donuts for me. On that note I think those are excellent incentives for voters. While I won't say who I voted for I will say I voted for a candidate and didn't write in something like Harry Potter or Edward Cullen. I was a litle jealous of everyone's I Voted Stickers but atleast I did my civic duty.

I went through my usual day of classes and at about 7 pm I considered going to an election event in Commons but I didn't because I didn't want people asking me how I voted,  so I watched a little bit in the schools dining center and people were just hooked to the television.

I should explain I have this group presentation for women studies due tomorrow and we were less than adequately prepared so we had to meet at 10 pm in the library's Starbucks. We all didn't arrive until like 10:30 and at that point I was watching CNN Live on the internet.

There we were trying to get this project done and the numbers were at 70-something and 100 something when I heard something like this at the Starbucks register.

"He won Virginia so that makes it 275."

I immediately looked up and it clicked. Almost 2 seconds later outside people were screaming and shouting.  Everyone in my group just turned to each other and were like "Wow. This is really happening."

One girl in my group was just so happy and passionate about the win. She had to leave to go celebrate with her friends.

Outside the library cheers continued, people came in the library cheering,  everyone in the Starbucks was smiling in amazement. My group mates and I talked about the whole thing feeling surreal, amazing and how we were living through history. I never thought I'd be sharing that moment with them let alone anyone. 

Needless to say we didn't get much work done after that and at about 11:25 pm we called it quits. I considered walking back to my room figuring people were out celebrating in the streets but I decided to take the escort  van.

Waiting for the van I saw a couple walk by and the girl shouted "Obama" and from a car in the distance someone shouted "Obama woooooo!"

On the ride back to my room I saw flashing police lights (and they were blue) and heard horns honking. At first I thought someone was mad or something but they were celebrating.

On the news I got back in my room just in time to see Obama's speech on CNN. At the end the Obamas and Bidens did a group hug and it was like a movie or something. One FOX reporter called it picturesque and compared the Obamas to the Kennedys. .

It's almost 2 am and I'm doing the last bits of some homework and I actually don't know what to say but, I feel like something is going to change. I think I'd feel this way regardless of who won. I mean  America is finally representing everyone and showing change.

It's going to be a completely new chapter in American history and I'm glad I can be apart of it that I get to be a college student not just a college student but a journalism student during this time.

I have to say its been an exciting night tonight and I can't see what the future holds.
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Where did I go wrong ?

I've recently been reading through some of my old diaries and plays and I am starting to wonder . . . where did that person go ? I feel like I am letting myself down or something. Back then I wanted to be a writer like I do now but, back then I actually wrote stuff and I was so proud of it even though re-reading it it is really horrible. There is a saying or something about doing what you love no matter how bad you are. It's like if I could talk to my former self I would say "Yes, some of these writings are horrid and need work but atleast you are proud of  it and that makes me proud of it too.

Recently I wrote a x-men fanfiction and I'm trying to think to myself did I enjoy doing it ? I guess I did but, that was just some lucky streak of inspiration.

I think I'm going to spend this summer writing again, writing for fun. I won't worry about how stupid it, or how to get reviews on it, or how to find the perfect names that represent something, symbology and all that stuff. I mean sometimes it's hard to write something and know no one is going to see it but, who knows ?

I think I git spoiled by so much stuff my creativity suffered.  I mean who needs the slimmest laptop while sipping a latte in an ultra-modern coffee shop to write. I also like to think the dejection and bitterness of high school and college killed my creativity. I became more sensible. I went from I want to be a filmmaker or screenwriter to I am going to be a journalist. Do I really want to be a journalist ? I mean I guess . . why not be able to write about real events and inform the public ? If I changed my major it would be to creative writing anyway. . . as far as I see it it's not like you are only allowed one bachelors.

I never thought I'd say this but, I miss the person I was in middle school. Full of hope, creativity and with my share if pain. I mean back then I wasn't proud of being smart or not being like the other deviant kids. How in the world do I get that back. I'm glad I kept those diaries and all those works.

I deserve one of those shirts that say "college"

I was going to post the objectives here but, it's too much for livejournal to hold so, I'll write what I know about the subjects I'm having the most trouble on. Monetary policy and Fiscal Policy. I should probably go over Aggregate Demand and Supply too.

I just did something stupid I looked at my Mass Comm ethics grade and I got an A. I got a little to excited and told J and I probably shouldn't have I don't want her to feel jealous or stupid. But, to be honest I . . . . and I can't believe I'm writing this now I got a C in physics ( a 4 credit class)  last semester so, I actually have a  2.7 GPA.  I needed this A so I can get a B in my other classes and still make out with a 3.0 for freshman year. I wish J and I were close enough to talk about grades and be total cool about it but, I'm to type A and she's so lassiez faire. I am soooo glad VCU doesn't send parents transcripts. I know she is struggling with college. You should see the amount of extra credit she has to do.

Enough of being off track. Back to Monetary policy. Monetary policy is controlled by the Federal Reserve. Some of the key features are  the reserve requirement  which is the amount of money banks are required to keep on reserve. When it raises banks lend less, when it decreases banks lend more. There is also the discount rate which is kind of like an interest so when it's raised banks lend less and when it's lowered banks lend more.

Okay now I'll check it against what I have. I got it right just not the wording exactly.

I just thought of something funny. I got an A in Media Ethics the one class no one uses.

#2 pencil . . . fill in the bubble completely

I have decided to get serious about my exams. I'm usually not huge on the whole study thing but, I've decided to change that. Right know it's 2:00 and there is an SAA meeting at 5:30. So, I'm going to study econ for 3 hours straight, I won't let anything distract me . . . not that there is anything better I could be doing. Hopefully I'll walk into my exam feeling confident. My exam is at 8 am tomorrow so after it's over I'm going to the library and study all day for my INTL 101 exam. This one is going to be hard. I'll have to read all the chapters, make notes of all the slides, look over all the old assignments. I'll have to really study hard.

I think after that exam I'll take a break from studying and take Tuesday off. Then on Wednesday I'll outline my essay for History and study for that exam. The exam isn't until Thursday at 4:00 so, I'll do a little studying Thursday, then after the exam I'll celebrate at Coldstone ! but, only if I do all the studying. Looks like all my journaling is going to have to take a backseat for this week.

Okay well let the studying begin now !
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(no subject)

I'm trying to stick to my schedule, I'm in Starbucks ( I know but, it's my last time) trying to study for Mass Comm but, I have no idea how to study for it. I mean I have 1 and a half pages of notes fo r each chapter and the book is just examples and common sense. There aren't any concepts, vocabulary or anything ! Maybe I'll study in here by writing what  I know.

Social Responsibility - It basically means journalist have to be people first.

Morally Offensive Material - We are losing our gatekeepers as network TV is always pushing the bar with graphic violence, sex and language. However it is hard to define obscenity, as one judge said "I'll know it when I see it".

Conflict of Interest - Like when Maria Shriver couldn't be a journalist because her husband was running for governor. Or in PR when they can't represent to firms witth conflictiing values.

Juvenilles - Can kids be affected by what they see on TV  . . . I think I need to do more studying on this one.

Stereotyping - stereotypes are used because they are easily identifiable representation however they arent always very PC.

Okay it's 12:44, all I can do is read Juvinilles and Stereotyping chapters and go back over all my notes.

I'd like to think I'm an ethical person . . . well, more than most so this should be pretty easy  for me. Okay I'm off.
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Stressed ( what else is new ?)

I am sooo stressed right now ! I have stuff I need to do but don't feel like doing, I have never felt so unmotivated in my life ! Hopefully if I can manage this by putting it all in writing . . . it has helped me before so here is the plan :

@ 10:15 ( after I'm done writing in here) I'll do my reading/class responses for history

@ 11:00 I will read/skim the chapters for Media ethics

@ 12:00 I'll iron my VCU shirt, print my history homework

Then it's off to sleep. I don't think going to sleep will be hard tonight


9: 30 - wake up, shave, get ready for tour

11:00 tour

12:00 - the tour should be over I'll come back to the room get my bookbag.

12:10 - find a place where I can sit down and study for Media Ethics

2:00 Ethics Exam

2:30 Exam should be over, I'll get something to eat

*Do BIOLOGY STUFF ! ! ! ! *****

3:30 hair appointment

4: 30 - sneak into history class

6:35 - find something to eat (again) go back to my room and pack, pack away my trunk.
It's a bit rough but thats my day . . . I am not looking foward to tomorrow.
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Stresses and it's only Monday

I stress out way more than I should about a lot of things. Like when I look at the last time I posted when I log into livejournal I hate when it is in days and not in hours. I told myself I shouldn't have to write everyday but, I feel bad when I don't.

I don't have much to write about and the only reason I'm writing is because I'm in the little laundry room in Brandt Hall and don't feel like going back up all 18 f want flights just to come back down so, I'm just going to sit here for about an hour and a half.  Although I may end up going back up anyway to get a snack.

I started my new blog, I don'y know if I want to really connect it with this blog by putting a link here. I know it's a tiny thing but, I don't want my  other blog to be KF Radley, if that makes any sense. My other blog has an intended purpose and is one side of me and I don't want it to be synonmous with this one. Well anyway I won't put the link thing in here but it's basically a plog where I figure out what my political views are.

I'm also starting another LJ with just ramblings, Bits of stories and ideas that pop into my head. I just haven't thought of a good pen name. I tried K.C Lane but, I wasn't really feeling it. Maybe something will come to me when I'm tossing and turning in bed.

Speaking of my inability to get to sleep at night, last night I was so fustrated and just wanted to sleep I took one Lotradine which is generic Claritin. Later I felt tightness in my chest and trouble breathing, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. So, no more over the counter pill to get to sleep for me. Unless of course that is what they are for. I completely scared myself. I have to admit since Heath Ledger died I am afraid of sleeping pills but, I'm responsible.

I feel like I should be doing something more productive with my time but, I don't know what. I am such a good procrastinator. I could do my history homework but, its due on Thursday after all, thats so far, I could study for my Econ Exam but thats on Wedensday and I have nothing to do on Tuesday so I'll study on Tuesday.  I was going to sit and watch True Life for 3 hours until Bio but, I didn't I came here to do laundry,

I'm going to check on my clothes now, I'll write later ( or whenever . . . no stress)

I'm so busy

 I want to write but, I have actually been doing school work all day. I didn't realize it until now, I haven't deviated from my studies all day. Well, I need to finish my INTL projects so, I have to go. Then I'm ready for bed !
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Panda !

One last thing I wanted to add. In my group our leader told us about a technique where whenever you are doing negative self-talk you insert a neutral or positve word for the bad ones and it makes you feel better so I'll try that as I clean. I'll use the word panda so i'd say things like " I'm such a *panda* I'm so *panda* and everyone else *panda* I *panda* my life. It kind of works . . . kind of